ALT Series Tinning Machines

Using Unit Design's general-purpose fixtures, a variety of completely different components can be tinned -- hundreds in just minutes -- with our ALT tinning machine. The ALT automatically fluxes and solder dips virtually any type of component. The ALT offers precise PLC control of all parameters. Solder temperature, preheat, tinning time and exit speed can be reset in seconds with exacting repeatability.

Easy to Use

Automatic Lead Tinning

The parts to be tinned are automatically conveyed throughout the fluxing and hot solder dipping process by PLC controlled motors, raised and lowered by Unit Design's patented cam system and returned to the operator for unloading.

Touch Screen Interface

The touch screen interface allows all process and machine parameters to be changed within seconds. Solder dipping depth, dwell time and extraction speed can be easily set and saved for future use.

Single Operator

The batch flow of the ALT Series along with the unified load and unload position allows the entire tinning process to be accomplished with a single operator.

Quick Warmup

Since the ALT Series only uses 150 pounds of solder it can be heated up and ready to go in as little as 45 minutes.


Tin a Variety of Components

Using Unit Design's general purpose fixtures, a variety of different components can be tinned without the need for dedicated or specialty tooling.

High Production Capability

For volume solder dipping of particular components, Unit Design offers a variety of dedicated and semi-dedicated fixtures. For example, more than 1100 axial components can have both leads tinned in just 2 minutes with Unit Design's specialty fixture.

Cast Iron Solder Pot

The cast iron solder pot and solder temperature control up to 700 °F (370 °C) allow the ALT Series to utilize lead or lead-free solder.

Dip Fluxing System

The easy to use dip fluxing system allows leads up to 1¾" to be tinned in the ALT Series. The flux liquid height is automatically controlled through the use of an overflow weir to provide a consistent fluxing depth. When the fluxer is not being used, the flux will drain back to a lower reservoir to reduce evaporation.

Available Radiant Pre-heater

For even faster tinning, for tinning ceramics or other components requiring a controlled temperature ramp, and for no-clean flux applications, the ALT-200, equipped with a radiant panel pre-heater is available.

ALT-100 ALT-200
Tinning Capacity>    
Max. Fixture Size 16in x 16in 16in x 16in
Lead Length 1.75 in 1.75 in
Solder Pot    
Capacity (Sn63) 160 lb 160 lb
Capacity (Sn100) 130 lb 130 lb
Max. Temperature 700 degF 700 degF
Flux System    
Method Dip Fluxer Dip Fluxer
Preheat System    
Method N/A IR Radiant
Max. Temperature N/A 750 degF
Electrical 208VAC 1Ph 25A 60Hz 208VAC 1Ph 45A 60Hz
Exhaust Venting 1 - 4 in, 450 cfm 2 - 4 in, 450 cfm
Width 63.5 in 87.5 in
Depth 36 in 36 in
Height 45 in 45 in
Weight 700 lb 900 lb