MDS Series Soldering Machines

Unit Design's automatic soldering machines have been an industry favorite for over 25 years. With our MDS soldering machine, printed circuit boards are automatically conveyed through the fluxing and soldering cycles by PLC-controlled stepper motors, raised and lowered by our patented cam system, and returned to the operator for unloading. The MDS Series is capable of both lead and lead-free soldering with rosin, water soluble or no-clean fluxes.

Easy to Use

Automatic Soldering

Boards are automatically conveyed throughout the fluxing, preheat and soldering process by PLC controlled motors, raised and lowered by Unit Design's patented cam system and returned to the operator for unloading.

Touch Screen Interface

The touch screen interface allows all process and machine parameters to be changed within seconds. No special technician is required.

Single Operator

The batch flow of the MDS Series along with the unified load and unload position allows the entire soldering process to be accomplished with a single operator.

Quick Warmup

Since the MDS Series only uses 150 pounds of solder it can be heated up and ready to go in as little as 45 minutes.


Batch Process

The nature of a batch process flow allows the preheat and soldering times to be adjusted independently. A long preheat time can be paired with a short soldering time for heat sensitive components.

Adjustable Carriers

The adjustable carriers of the MDS Series allow many sizes of boards to be soldered. Multiple rows of small boards or up to a single 16" x 16" board can be soldered in a single pass, just add or remove available finger bars.

High Production Capability

With extra carriers for offline loading and unloading, as many as 4000 3" x 4" boards can be soldered in a single 8 hour shift.

Cast Iron Solder Pot

The cast iron solder pot and solder temperature control up to 700 °F (370 °C) allow the MDS Series to utilize lead or lead-free solder.

Thick Boards

The batch process along with an adjustable solder depth makes achieving complete hole fill possible even on boards up to 0.25" (6.5mm) thick.

Fluxing Options

Foam (MDS-200)

The foam fluxing system of the MDS-200 is the same popular system which has been in production since the first MDS-100 machines were produced in 1985. It is easy to setup, operate and maintain. The foam system applies an even and light coat of flux to the bottom of the board. It is suitable for leads which protrude up to 3/8" below the bottom surface of the board.

Dip (MDS-210)

The dip fluxing system of the MDS-210 was introduced to allow boards with longer lead protrusion, up to 1¾", to be processed. This facilitates a process in which no lead pre-trimming and crimping is required, just stuff the boards, solder and then trim after soldering.

Spray (MDS-220)

The spray fuxing system of the MDS-220 is the newest of the fluxing options. The air atomizing spray valves of this system applies the lightest possible coat of flux while still allowing leads with up to 1¾" protrusion to be soldered.

MDS-200 MDS-210 MDS-220
Soldering Capacity      
Max. Board Size 16 in x 16 in 16 in x 16 in 16 in x 16 in
Lead Length 0.375 in 1.5 in 1.5 in
Solder Pot      
Capacity (Sn63) 160 lb 160 lb 160 lb
Capacity (Sn100) 130 lb 130 lb 130 lb
Max. Temperature 700 degF 700 degF 700 degF
Flux System      
Method Foam Fluxer Dip Fluxer Spray Fluxer
Preheat System      
Method IR Radiant IR Radiant IR Radiant
Max. Temperature 750 degF 750 degF 750 degF
Electrical 208VAC 1Ph 45A 60Hz 208VAC 1Ph 45A 60Hz 208VAC 1Ph 45A 60Hz
Compressed Air 1/2 NPT, 90 psig, 22 cfm 1/2 NPT, 90 psig, 20 cfm 1/2 NPT, 90 psig, 5 cfm
Exhaust Venting 2 - 4 in, 450 cfm 2 - 4 in, 450 cfm 2 - 4 in, 450 cfm
Width 87.5 in 87.5 in 87.5 in
Depth 36 in 36 in 36 in
Height 45 in 45 in 45 in
Weight 900 lb 900 lb 900 lb